Are you hesitating whether to purchase new or older apartment?

In everyone’s life there comes a moment where one will start to look for their own place to live. Mostly it happens in the moment when they decide to start a family. Many people then stand in front of the question whether it is better to purchase new apartment or rather real property before reconstruction. It really depends on financial options of every one of us.

New means without work

Many new apartments are offered on the internet. Their price might seem much higher in comparison to older living. But development projects are already fully prepared for moving in.

Mostly there isn’t need for any repairs. The only thing which might trouble the new owners is purchasing new furniture. New apartments are fully functional. They don’t require any reconstruction and can ensure that the new owner won’t have to do any larger repair for several years.

A nest according to your taste

However there are people who want to adjust their new place to live to their taste. For this kind of people purchasing a new apartment is loss of the capital.

New apartments in Prague are much more demanding in terms of rebuilding. Besides that their price is significantly higher. If you want to rebuild the place to your own taste, it is much better for you to purchase an apartment before reconstruction.

These apartments are usually much cheaper. Therefore you will spare much more money for the reconstruction. That way you will create living exactly according to your needs.

Old house has a historical value

If you have ever thought about purchasing old historical house you should know something. Prague real estate offer many houses which are breathing out history. But rebuilding of this gem usually isn’t without complications.

You can’t reconstruct as you like. On most of the changes you have to have consent from historian. They will also advise you how you should do the adjustments properly.

Historic houses are usually cheaper and there isn’t much demand. Historians require that the adjustments are done considerately and with regard to the value of the property. That is much more expensive that classic repairs though.

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