How to use wood in the interior?

Wood is a universal element which lasts through all trends and design waves. It matches everything either it is simply modern interior or rather clean northern style and simplicity. Moreover it can be variously combined with other materials, which makes it essential part of every household. Thanks to its look, wide range of options for alterations and inimitable natural structures it is design element number one. Neither it will be absent in your home.

What is wood good for?

Its use is pretty much universal. It creates impression of nature and earthiness. It is cozy in any kind of use. It perfectly insulates heat. Therefore it is also used as wall siding.

More exotic kinds of wood also serve well in bathroom – bamboo and teak perfectly endure humidity. It can be combined practically with anything so you won’t make mistake by using it in your interior.

If you wanted to combine more kinds of wood it is better to consult some designer. Older houses for sale in Prague usually have wooden elements. You can only renovate it and give it new face. It is only up to your imagination and craft.

What can be wood used for?

Wooden parquets or floor instead of linoleum creates much cozier floor than other materials. If wood is quality, it lasts decades and it can be easily renovated in case of damage.

It gives the interior personal swoop. Wooden siding creates the same impression. You can try various design combination. For example combination of massive oak table and plastic chairs looks very good.

You can create design Prague living even on your own. Old chair can serve as “fetcher” and you can put there your clothes. Furniture from pallets is still popular. It is very fresh in the interior and it perfectly corresponds with northern style.

Coziness in the crowd of merciless design

Current offer of new real estate is good at modern and little bit strict design. It is sober and often lacks any cozy elements. Development projects are full of this kind of real properties.

Wood reduces this effect. If you are deciding for a new apartment but aren’t excited about “sterile” environment, nothing is lost yet.

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